Karachi Psychiatric Hospital has been faithfully serving, Karachi and all areas of Pakistan as well. This institute was established in 1970, thus serving for last 41 years. We are dedicated to quality care and assistance for individuals and their families in need of psychiatric care and treatment of substance (addiction) abuse.

Karachi Psychiatric Hospital offers the community, an inpatient treatment as well as extensive outpatient services for children, adolescents and adults. Feel free to browse and inform yourself with mental disorders and their treatment. This is the place where you can attain peace of mind by solving problems like depression, anxiety, or addiction etc.


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Account Number: 0344-2645551

  Articles by: Dr. Syed Mobin Akhtar
  Book by: Dr. Syed Mobin Akhter
  Book by: Dr. Syed Mobin Akhter